We strive to keep privacy simple: No personal data is included in your shared tours unless you explitly decide to share it. See our privacy policy for details.

Generally, you can upload and share your tours free of charge. However, running servers costs money. Therefore we reserve the right to delete your published tours if you have not used our app within the last 90 days. However we understand that some users - like bloggers and youtubers - might need to ensure their tour overviews are available permanently. If this is the case for you, please drop us a message with the link to your public PackTrail page as well as the page where you linked / embedded it and we will exclude you from our removal policy.

We will never use the data you provided on your tours outside of the service we provide - we will especially never sell it or hand it over to third parties for advertising services. Your data is stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Germany / Western Europe.